Performative action, city-wide redistribution of found objects, Exhibition, NYC
Slideshow, gallery floorplan overlaid onto map of Manhattan, DIN A1 poster edition of 10

Exhibition was a 6-month-long exhibition project presented in a vacant storefront at 211 Elizabeth Street in New York. Artists were invited in sequence by the organizers to intervene in the space by adding to, subtracting, or deleting the work left behind by their predecessors. Each artist was assigned a section of the space to intervene in by a roll of the die, which was then indicated on a floorplan provided to the artist.

Erik Smith, August 24-27, 2009: Various installations of found objects and photographs left by previous artists in Exhibition's project space were dismantled and all items individually photographed. Thirty-six individual objects were then returned to the streets following a route through Manhattan determined by the floorplan of the gallery overlayed onto a map of the city. During a four-hour walk starting at the gallery and proceeding clockwise through the city, the objects and photographs were placed and left at various points along the route and again documented. The following day these images were presented as a slide show back at Exhibition's space.





















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