Salvaged wooden shelf from bunker, Orpheus in the Underworld 78s and techno records, modified turntables, mixer, DJ-tables, PA system, black plastic "acoustic" panels

A project emerging out of the multi-layers of a former bunker site in Berlin-Mitte. The salvaging of a large-scale wooden shelf from the bunker during its demolition serves as the starting point for an investigation into the site's complex identity: the location of a German theater famed for performances of Jacques Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld in the 19th century; a sprawling underground bunker during WW2; and the recently opened 4-star Titanic hotel today.

Conceived as an installation and sound work, Titanic reflects on the location's curious intersection of eerily similar and highly evocative associations, reinterpreting and remixing its various phases in an effort to generate “new ambiances and new psychic possibilities” for considering legacy of the site. Excavating the meaning of this site defines urban transformation as a process of estrangement, dissolution, and abstraction.

The project comprises the bunker shelf as artifact-sculpture, black plastic "acoustic" panels, and sound collages of Orpheus in the Underworld and various techno tracks, which also allude to an “underworld” of 1990s Berlin. Remixed at dramatically reduced speeds, these contrasting music genres are rendered unfamiliar, recalling abstract, otherworldly soundscapes.







ACIINTT · titanic_III.





ACIINTT · titanic_II.































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