Installation, Errant Bodies, Berlin (DE)
12” record edition, turntable, pedestal, audio equipment, table sculpture, record jacket collages, photogram spray painting, Magic City print edition

AABBCCDV (redux Berlin) reprises a project created and first presented in Miami, FL (US) in 2012. Serving as the point of departure for the work was the then imminent demolition of a building that was home to several Miami arts organizations, among them DimensionsVariable (DV), an artist-run exhibition venue. DV had used the building for a number of years both for exhibitions and as an artist studio, but were ultimately forced to vacate the premises in 2012 to make way for new development.

The demolition of the structure can be read as a marker for urban transformations in general, a process that is as much about speculative growth and renewal as it is one of negation and fragmentation. Such forces are also presently at work remaking Berlin, where rampant commercial and private development is quickly supplanting the city’s identity as an inexpensive haven for artist-run exhibition spaces and their practices, begging the question: What next?

Included in the show at Errant Bodies is the print edition Magic City (2012-14), a separate work featuring original images of abandoned homes in various Miami neighborhoods paired with reader commentries from online articles on the 2012 housing crisis, when nearly 20% of homes around Miami were vacant/boarded up.

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