Installation, print edition, Kapinos Galerie, Berlin (DE)
144 unique framed A3 inkjet prints, ed. of 6

Paris Hilton—Paris was born February 17, 1981, the great-granddaughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton hotels and source of the family fortune-estimated at $300 million. She is the niece of actresses Kim Richards (Meatballs II) and Kyle Richards (ER). The heiress, socialite, and sometimes runway model lives with her sister, handbag designer and fellow socialite Nicky Hilton, in a four-story 1920s mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Paris and (ex) best friend Nicole Richie (Lionel's daughter) "star" together in The Simple Life a reality TV show in which the girls trade their rarefied world for life on a farm in Arkansas. Though she had to leave behind the considerable comforts of home, Paris was able to bring along her beloved Chihuahua, Tinkerbell. Her most notable appearance in film was a cameo in the Ben Stiller film Zoolander in which she played herself. She skyrocketed to fame with release of homemade sex video with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon. http//

Beirut Hilton—Beirut, Lebanon. The Beirut Hilton Hotel, which was built in 1975, but never occupied, was imploded on Sunday, July 14, 2002 to make room for a new hotel. Twenty-seven years earlier, just days before the grand opening, the Hilton Hotel became the site of fighting in Lebanon’s Civil War. Christian and Muslim militiamen fought room to room for control of the building and other nearby hotels. The Hilton, two other major hotels and other high-rise buildings were ravaged by the fighting. The building was one of the three major hotels badly damaged, but not rebuilt, in Lebanon. Located in the City Center, the Hilton stood out in a major redevelopment area which, in recent years, had erased the scars of the fifteen year long Civil War. The Hilton property and building were abandoned long ago by the US-based hotel chain and a group of Lebanese businessmen purchased the structure two years ago. A new 5-story hotel will be constructed in its place. http//




















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