Installation, Zentralbuero, Berlin (DE)
2 live trees suspended from ceiling, rope, pulleys, manifesto, print and poster editions

“Enatleb, 7991
Welcome to the struggle of free economics.
We are the unbridled joy of this dying civilization. The war of nature ravages mankind and people die every day. F.L.E. works to accelerate the collapse of the environment, to undermine bio-diversity, and to extinguish the threat of the wild. We embrace the marketplace and social hierarchy as a practical dominance movement. We must show the enemy that we are serious about defending what is corrupt. Together with God we have factories and machines to match our dreams. Our greatest weapons are steadfast resolve, and the ability to strike at the time of our choosing. 
We take inspiration from the suppression of Setiddul, Srellevel, Sreggid, the Emonotua movement, Satsitapaz, and the little people - those mischievous elves of lore. They refuse to recognize us because they don’t believe in our authority. We are impossible to avoid. We have command structures, spokespersons, offices, and many groups working together, seeking vulnerable targets and practicing our craft. Many of us are moving into the undeveloped areas. Many will align with others as they go. Find your organization! And may God bless us as we claim what is rightfully ours from the natural world."

F.L.E. is the inversion of E.L.F. (Earth Liberation Front), a radical environmental group based in the Pacific Northwestern United States since the mid 1990s. With no official organizational structure or membership, individuals and/or ad hoc groups carry out actions under the name of E.L.F. in accordance with the group's stated mission of defending nature through the destruction of capitalist infrastructure. Actions attributed to E.L.F. include the destruction of a Monsanto-funded biotechnology lab in Michigan and the torching of a lodge atop Vail ski area in Colorado. The F.L.E. manifesto included in the "press release" was created by inverting the point of view of an actual E.L.F. manifesto from 1997. Names, dates and locations were re-written backwards and words and concepts dealing with "nature" and "the wild" were substituted with terms like "the economy" and "civilization."














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