Performance: de Appel Center for Contemporary Art, Amsterdam (NL), Kapinos Galerie, Berlin (DE), Magnus Mueller Galerie, Berlin (DE), K17, Berlin (DE); Screenings: Arsenal, Lausanne (CH); BBB Centre d'Art, Toulouse (FR)
DVD trt 25:00

Perfect is My Death Word is a recreation of the James Lee Byars sound work of the same name, produced in conjunction with the exhibition project The Ghost of James Lee Byars Calling. Byars created his original work for his 1995 exhibition at the Neues Museum Weserberg Bremen and exists as an edition on CD of twenty minutes of silence after which Byars simply says the sentence "Perfect is my death word." Smith asked Dutch Black Metal band Sammath to recreate the sound work by inserting the sentence into one of their original songs. Sammath performed Perfect is My Death Word at the De Appel Center for Contemporary Art in Amsterdam on February 16, 2007 for the opening of Smith's exhibition The Ghost of James Lee Byars Calling.
Perfect is My Death Word was also performed live on two other occassions by Swedish Black Metalers Blodsrit, at K17 concert venue in Berlin (2006), and Berlin-based Neithan, at Magnus Mueller on the occassion of the exhibition The Re-distribution of the Sensible, 2007.





Blodsrit performs P.I.M.D.W. @ K17, Berlin, 2006
Neithan performs P.I.M.D.W. @ Magnus Mueller Galerie, Berlin, 2007
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